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Alternative Data Sources

The consumer benefits of "non-traditional" credit reporting data are numerous. There is a growing body of work examining this topic—much of it supported by TransUnion. What's becoming clear is that increasing the flow of payment information from energy utilities, telecommunications providers, cable and wireless providers and others into the credit reporting system yields positive results for consumers and local economies.
New to Credit from Alternative Data
March 2009
Conducted by: PERC

This report focuses on the newly credit-active consumer population and how its ability to obtain credit is increased through the reporting of alternative data.

Credit Reporting Customer Payment Data
March 2009
Conducted by: PERC

This study examines the impact and benefits that accrue to consumers, lenders and utilities and telecommunications firms when telecoms and utilities report customer payment information to credit reporting companies.

You Score You Win: The Consequences of Giving Credit Where Credit is Due
July 2008
Conducted by: PERC

Using quantitative analysis, this study examines the long-term effects of using non-traditional data in credit files.

Using Non-traditional Data for Underwriting Loans to Thin-file Borrowers: Evidence, Tips, and Precautions
March 2008
Conducted by: PERC

This paper, published in the Journal of Risk Management in Financial Institutions, demonstrates the value of non-traditional data as a powerful tool for consumer credit risk assessment while highlighting some of the potential risks and precautions that lenders need to think about before using this data.

Give Credit Where Credit is Due: Increasing Access to Affordable Mainstream Credit Using Alternative Data
December 2006
Conducted by: PERC

PERC's landmark study on bringing the estimated 35 to 54 million Americans outside the mainstream credit system into the credit fold.

Giving Underserved Consumers Better Access to the Credit System: The Promise of Non-traditional Data
June 2005
Conducted by: PERC

PERC's initial study on alternative data, Giving Underserved Consumers Better Access to the Credit System, examines the likely win-win outcome if non-traditional data is included in credit files.

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