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The use of credit information as a factor in insurance scores has shown to be remarkably predictive of claims filings and loss ratios. Considerable research has been generated because the reasons behind the correlation may not be apparent.
Credit-Based Insurance Scores: Impacts on Consumers of Automobile Insurance
July 2007
Conducted by: Federal Trade Commission, Bureau of Economics

This study examines the effect of credit-based insurance scores on the price and availability of automobile insurance. It also examines the impact of such scores on racial and ethnic minority groups, as well as low-income groups.

Report to the Congress on Further Restrictions on Unsolicited Written Offers of Credit and Insurance
December 2004
Conducted by: Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

The FACT Act specifically requires the Board to study the ability of consumers to avoid (or "opt-out" of) receiving written offers of credit or insurance in connection with transactions not initiated by the consumer.

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