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Beneficial uses of credit information consumer control over the information and other topics are presented in this section.
Recovering But Not Recovered: Gulf Coast Businesses Three Years Later
August 2008
Conducted by: PERC

This is a follow-up to the 2007 small business survey and provides further insight as to the progress of recovery from the hurricanes of 2005.

Towards a Rational Data Breach Notification Regime
June 2006
Conducted by: PERC

This study examines the challenges of establishing a national standard for data breach notification.

Credit File Freeze: Position Paper
August 2005
Conducted by: PERC

This paper analyzes the positives and negatives of a credit file freeze.

How Safe and Secure Is It?
January 2005
Conducted by: PERC

This study is an assessment of personal data privacy and security in business process outsourcing firms in India.

Class Action Tort Costs and the Consequences for Innovation
March 2004
Conducted by: PERC

This study examines the relationship between tort costs in the United States and the incentive to invest in innovative activities.

2003 Privacy Report Card
October 2003
Conducted by: PERC

This survey rates the accuracy of five privacy surveys released in 2003.

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