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Who We Are

TransUnion is a global leader in credit information and information management services. For more than 40 years, we have worked with businesses and consumers to gather, analyze and deliver the critical information needed to build strong economies throughout the world. The result is two-fold:
1) Businesses can better manage risk and customer relationships
2) Consumers can better understand and manage credit to achieve their
   financial goals

Our dedicated associates provide solutions to approximately 45,000 businesses and approximately 500 million consumers worldwide.

Learn more about how we create advantages for our customers every day.
Beginning as a railcar holding company, TransUnion has consistently added value for customers, and made history with innovative ideas and solutions.
These are the values that inspire us to push farther and make TransUnion who we are today—a global leader in credit information and information management services.
We align our areas of expertise to meet the needs of our clients and fuel their growth with creative solutions.
Our international services combine powerful information resources with analytic and decisioning capabilities. This unique combination enables us to fuel economies, help businesses grow and empower consumers in 33 countries around the world.
Commitment and responsibility extend beyond our office walls. Learn more about the work we do to improve our communities.
Read more about the standards that guide us in the balance between privacy and accessibility when it comes to credit information.