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Global Presence

We are a trusted partner to businesses and consumers around the world. In 33 countries, TransUnion helps more than 45,000 businesses manage risk, reduce costs and improve lending decisions. We also maintain credit histories on more than 500 million consumers around the globe, helping them achieve their financial goals.

Our global services include:
  • Credit Reporting: Driving economic growth by integrating comprehensive data with powerful analytics
    for effective reporting solutions
  • Automotive Information Services: Limiting risk and fraud in the automotive industry with asset
    information resources, such as vehicle valuation guides, vehicle verification reports and online vehicle
    data systems
  • Analytic and Decisioning Services: Improving risk management and decision making with a unique
    combination of data, decisioning technologies and advanced analytics
  • Commercial Services: Enhancing opportunities and reducing risk with an extensive commercial
    database that allows objective and effective decisions
  • Consumer Services: Empowering consumers with the tools, resources and education to better understand
    and manage their credit
We also consult with legislators and businesses to increase awareness of the central role that credit reporting plays in emerging economies.

Whether you're a domestic company expanding overseas, or an international company in need of a proven partner, TransUnion provides extensive global experience, regional insights and local relationships to help you improve profitability and reduce risk throughout your customer lifecycle.
Learn more about our global capabilities.
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