TransUnion Interactive

TransUnion Interactive, Inc. is the consumer subsidiary of TransUnion, a global leader in credit information and information management services, which maintains credit histories on approximately 500 million consumers around the globe. TransUnion Interactive can help businesses better acquire customers, strengthen long-term customer value and increase their bottom line. Through TransUnion Interactive’s product suite, consumers can benefit from online educational materials, free monthly newsletters and easy-to-use tools designed to help them manage and control their finances.

TransUnion Interactive Partnership Program

Provide your customers with access to TransUnion’s award-winning consumer products and services. Partner with us to:

  • Strengthen your membership services with our powerful credit management solutions
  • Increase customer loyalty with our educational content and tools
  • Develop new revenue channels by offering our credit products to your customers
  • Reduce corporate risk by preparing for unplanned events, such as data breaches
  • Enhance compliance and security by working with a CFPB-regulated entity

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