First-Party Collections

Make more profitable decisions on accounts receivable from finding the most cost-effective treatment strategies to deciding when to charge off.

Collect more efficiently and make profitable charge-off decisions.

Determine which accounts to pursue and which can or won't pay.

The more you can improve your strategies, the more efficiently you can collect debt. TransUnion combines data, analytics and decisioning to provide valuable insight into each account so you can better define consumers' willingness and ability to pay.

That way, you can allocate your resources to spend more time and effort on highly collectable accounts and less on consumers that can't or won't pay.

Leverage TransUnion tools to improve your segmentation and prioritization strategies and increase recoveries

  • More accurately determine likelihood of recovery for each account
  • Prioritize your work effort more appropriately
  • Increase recoveries while spending less time tracking down uncollectable debt

Collections Prioritization Engine

Recover debt more efficiently.

Recovery Scores

Access an advanced analytical model to prioritize accounts.

Triggers for Collections

Receive alerts when changes indicate new ability to pay.

Process Flow Mapping

Watch your workflow improve step by step.

Reach consumers sooner after they go past-due.

If you can't reach consumers, you can't recover debt from them. People move more often, change phone numbers frequently and may even use their cell phone as their primary form of contact.

The integrity of your contact data not only affects your recovery rates, it affects your efficiency. When you're getting returned mail and chasing down wrong numbers, you're wasting time and money.

TransUnion skip tracing solutions provide fresher, more timely contact data so you can reach consumers earlier in the collections cycle and recover more dollars.

  • Receive verified phone number and address information within 24-48 hours of it being reported
  • Access contact information that hard-to-find consumers provide to credit-granting agencies, within 24 hours of their application
  • Better identify cell phone numbers to develop the right treatment strategies

TransUnion TLOxp

Get a 360° view of people and businesses with one streamlined investigative risk-management tool