Data and Decision Applications

Get access to the data, analytics and decisioning technology you need to further your business and grow equal-holder your bottom line.

Find the applications that fit the unique needs of your business.

Resolve transaction processing issues and improve the technical conversation between your business and TransUnion.

New Service – Auto Summary

This new add-on service is designed to assist auto lenders and leasers in finding the best financing option for customers based on past and present auto loan and lease history. Click below for additional details.

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Receive answers to the most commonly asked technical questions.

Troubleshooting Guide

Access tips to help resolve common transaction-based error conditions.

Legal and Regulatory Announcements

Stay abreast of the latest legal, regulatory and Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requirements that may affect your business.

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Need the key consumer data and analytics, but not the integrated data set-up?

TransUnion Direct provides smaller-scale customers with the same powerful decisioning tools—all in a web-based application designed to fit your needs.

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Use these property management applications to find better, more qualified residents – whether you have 100,000 units, 100 or just 1.

TransUnion CreditRetriever® delivers reliable, efficient screening for large property management companies.

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TransUnion SmartMoveSM provides independent landlords with more powerful tenant screening.

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