Testing and Approval

Once credentialing has been completed and a file has been successfully submitted via EDT, testing will begin. All new customers must submit their credit file to TransUnion for testing and approval. Samples of the test data will be emailed to you for review prior to the actual loading of any data. Included will be an approval letter that will need to be signed and returned to move your program to production.

Testing time can vary if issues need to be corrected and multiple test files need to be submitted. Files submitted by first-time data providers are tested and reviewed to ensure that they are formatted correctly according to the Metro 2 guidelines and adhere to FCRA regulations. Any issues identified during the testing process will be discussed with the data provider prior to loading the data into production. This may result in the need for the data provider to make corrections and submit a new file for review.

For assistance with understanding the results of an approval package or accessing the approval package, please contact your Data Reporting Representative. If you do not know who your Data Reporting Representative is, please contact our Service Desk at (800) 813-5604 for assistance.