Testing Data Reporting Changes

Upgrading software? Purchasing a portfolio? Selling a portfolio? Merging institutions? Opening a new branch? Test your changes with us.

TransUnion advises that any and all data reporting changes be tested prior to loading to our production database. No change is too big or too small to protect the accuracy of your credit reporting file and your consumer base within it. The Credit Reporting Resource Guide can provide you with the necessary guidelines for reporting sold/transferred accounts. A download to the guide is available at www.cdiaonline.org. Please contact your Data Reporting Representative for instructions to download. If you do not know who your Data Reporting Representative is, please contact our Service Desk at (800) 813-5604 for assistance.

Third party processors

It is imperative that processors communicate with us on frequent basis, informing us when a new Data Furnisher is added or removed so that we may make the appropriate changes to our internal systems. All new Data Furnishers should be tested prior to permanently adding them to your production platform.

Work with TransUnion on your data reporting needs.