e-OSCAR Support Team

Everything related to consumer dispute processing.

Visit e-OSCAR

Data furnishers must register with and use e-OSCAR, the Online Solution for Complete and Accurate Reporting, for consumer disputes. e-OSCAR submits and updates disputes electronically, which avoids mail delays and permits updates on multiple bureaus simultaneously. It is also in compliance with FCRA and Metro 2 standards. Visit www.e-OSCAR.org for information on responding to consumer disputes, correcting inaccurately reported data, registering with e-OSCAR, or e-OSCAR costs.

Registering with e-OSCAR

You must have your TransUnion reporting subscriber code in order to register with e-OSCAR. Please see the ‘Reporting Subscriber Code(s)’ page for information on obtaining your reporting subscriber code.

Validating e-OSCAR Changes

It may be necessary to validate that a change has taken place based on an e-OSCAR transaction.

For questions related to verification of e-OSCAR processing, administrator changes, security, reporting via e-OSCAR contact our e-OSCAR Support Group at (610) 546-4762 or email eoscarsupt@transunion.com.