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    At TransUnion, we help organizations large and small manage risk while improving the speed and quality of the decisions they make. We also help consumers better understand and manage their credit so they can achieve their financial goals. For more than 40 years we’ve been managing and protecting sensitive consumer information.

    We can help you meet your daily challenges throughout the lifecycle of resident events—from application through account maintenance to collections and recovery.

    Identity verification and authentication

    Confirm applicant-provided information against multiple data sources using sophisticated risk-based identity and device decisioning.
    • ID Verification can help you verify legitimate residents faster while flagging suspicious data for appropriate treatment.
    • Device Verification helps enable you to ensure customers are who they claim to be by assigning unique identifiers to devices accessing your network.

    Account maintenance

    Keep resident phone numbers and addresses current with telephone company data, credit and inquiry data sourced from multiple databases.
    • Contact Locator provides updates every 24 hours to help you verify, correct or append address and phone information.

    Resident collections

    Make better use of your resources by prioritizing your collection efforts. Call residents who are able and likely to pay based on the TransUnion Collection Recovery Score. In addition:
    • Collections Prioritization shows you which accounts you're most likely to collect from, so you can better allocate your resources.
    • Collections Triggers monitors accounts and alerts you to changes that indicate a new ability to pay.
    • Contact Locator provides updates every 24 hours to help you verify, correct or append address and phone information.

    Resident protection

    In the event of a data breach, we can help you proactively monitor and protect the credit and identities of consumers who are affected.

    TransUnion Total enables consumers to monitor credit files for credit score changes and other possible effects of a data breach, as well as take advantage of extended identity theft protection services. TransUnion Total offers a comprehensive solution:
    • Unlimited credit monitoring and access to credit score
    • Credit score tracker
    • Internet watch
    • Identity restoration
    • Lost wallet assistance
    • Monitoring of non-credit loans
    • Change-of-address monitoring
    • Court records matching
    • Identity theft insurance
    See how TransUnion can help you better manage identity verification and authentication, account management, collections prioritization and fraud mitigation.
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