Property Insurance Carriers

Learn when risk increases during the life of a policy to take appropriate action. Spot potential fraud at the back end to avoid baseless claims.

Make more profitable offers with deeper insights into the industry.

Target key prospects and get better lift in your marketing campaigns with keen insight into the marketplace. Build smarter, customized strategies; maximize response and conversion rates; and deliver the right offers at the right time.

Acquisition Triggers

Leverage four intelligent, predictive scores daily for more proactive underwriting strategies.


Get an in-depth understanding of the marketplace to find your most profitable prospects.

Aggregated Credit Data

See a summary level view of credit activity in a specific geography for more profitable marketing programs.

Increase premium capture and provide a better customer experience.

Between agents, call centers and websites, a central point of access to key consumer data and risk scores is critical. TransUnion provides point-of-sale solutions that deliver more accurate data and scores while improving the customer experience.

Create point-of-sale efficiency through each distribution channel

  • Generate quotes quickly to reduce abandoned applications
  • Get more accurate data to help ensure bindable quotes
  • Capture more premium to manage risk and boost top line growth
  • Streamline the application process for a better customer experience

Gain a competitive advantage by providing a faster, more convenient quote process without sacrificing rate accuracy. With TransUnion, your point-of-sale channels get easy access to the key data they need. As a result, you write more policies while managing risk more effectively and driving profitability.

Insurance Risk Scores

Leverage standard or customized scores for more accurate rates at the point of sale.

Easy Apply

Let applicants provide just four digits of their Social Security number for their initial quote.

Manage your portfolio to limit unanticipated risk.

To maintain premiums that are both competitive and profitable, you need to detect changing risk factors at all phases of policy administration. That way, you can reduce your exposure, retain your best policyholders, and improve the customer experience.

Identify potential issues and take quick action

When the risk associated with a given policyholder increases, so should the policy rate.

When a good policyholder is shopping for new rates, determine if you can safely reduce yours. If another policyholder has vacated a property, take appropriate action to avoid fraudulent claims.

The key is knowing when to take action.

Monitor policies to detect new risk

Receive notifications when consumer data changes indicate a need for you to take action. Whether it's reducing rates to keep good customers, adjusting policies to address increased risk, or cancelling policies to avoid fraudulent claims—TransUnion has you covered.

Policy Management Triggers

Identify customers who may be in the market for lower rates or additional policies.

Foreclosure and Vacancy Triggers

Identify potentially abandoned properties and take appropriate action.

Spot potential fraud and avoid unnecessary losses.

Most unexpected losses occur during the claims stage – and they come in different forms. TransUnion provides more accurate underwriting data across the policy lifecycle to help ensure legitimate payouts and reduce claims losses.

Receive notifications about changes that could lead to claims losses

By combining consumer data with advanced analytics, we've developed solutions to monitor policies and alert you to changes you need to know about. That way, you can take the appropriate action to manage risk and reduce fraudulent claims.

  • Address changes
  • Mortgage delinquencies

What could unidentified vacancies cost you?

After one leading property insurance carrier began monitoring its policies, it received 1,010 alerts for potential vacancies. Upon investigation, 88% of these properties turned out to be vacant. Because of the advanced warning, the carrier was able to manage those policies before any claims were filed and save an estimated* $2 million in losses.

* Based on an average property insurance claim of $7,400 from Insurance Services Office, Inc. (, and the estimate that 30% of vacant homes will file a property insurance claim according to estimates provided by TransUnion P/C insurance customers.

Foreclosure and Vacancy Triggers

Identify potentially abandoned properties before paying invalid claims.