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Automated Solution Improves Outcomes

This article appeared in the December 2007 - VOLUME 17, NO. 3 issue of
Healthcare Registration, published by Aspen Publishers. Editor: Laura J. Merisalo

Executive Summary:

Southern Regional Medical Center (SRMC) of Riverdale, GA embraced new technology to move its patient access department to the frontline of effective revenue cycle management. The 376-bed facility implemented an automated system that allows the hospital to improve its registration processes and, in turn, generate many positive outcomes. Chief among the outcomes was the increase in point-of-service collections. Prior to implementing an automated system, monthly point-of-service collections ranged from less than $80,000 to about $100,000. Since implementation of the TransUnion Healthcare system, monthly point-of-service collections have increased to nearly $120,000 or better, and, at times, have climbed as high as $190,000 in total monthly point-of-service collections. In addition, the medical center experienced reduced paperwork; improved consistency in employee performance due to automated prompts; timely verification of patient data and patient credit worthiness; and reduced patient identity theft or fraud.