Multi-Family Housing

Make faster, better-informed decisions at every stage of your resident lifecycle. With TransUnion CreditRetriever®, large property management companies get access to advanced analytics and decisioning from a trusted source for consumer data.

Bring better-qualified rental applicants in your door.

TransUnion CreditRetriever helps you determine where to spend your marketing dollars to get the biggest return on your investment.

When you get a better idea of who your prospects are and what geographic markets they're coming from, you can set a more profitable strategy that validates your marketing decisions.

Demographics Report

Sharpen your target marketing.

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Find the best residents with guidance from a trusted source.

Resident screening makes an impact on your entire operation, but is often overlooked as just another component in a property management suite. The fact is, a good resident screening process can be the cornerstone of your risk management strategy from acquisition to lease administration to account management.

TransUnion CreditRetriever provides you with an easy-to-use platform with all the screening tools you need to make faster, better-informed leasing decisions.

Other rule-of-thumb scoring models often rely on the customer to help weigh each factor. TransUnion CreditRetriever leverages data, analytics and decisioning factors shown to predict renter behavior. Best of all, you have the flexibility to adjust to changing market conditions.

Plus, since we own the data, we're better equipped to interpret it than other rental screening providers. We can even provide data from other sources if that helps your process. The result is true resident screening where others may simply run a credit check.

With TransUnion CreditRetriever, you have access to the resident screening tools you need to make better-informed decisions—and they're all in one place.

Scoring Model

See where the real risk exists in today's rental market.

Criminal Data

Help improve safety and security at your properties.


Get eviction records from multiple jurisdictions in every state.

Screening Add-Ons

Enhance your rental screening process with these CreditRetriever extras.

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Streamline your process for bringing new residents on board.

You've refined your process for finding the right residents. Don't let inefficiencies creep in when it's time to sign them.

With TransUnion CreditRetriever, you can help ensure a smooth process for bringing new residents on board.

Leasing Documents

Streamline your lease administration processes by uploading custom leasing documents or accessing standard leasing forms from the providers you use most.

With leasing documents to fit your needs, TransUnion CreditRetriever helps simplify lease administration so you can provide an easy move-in process for your residents.

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Continuously improve your resident profile.

Your role in property management doesn't stop once an applicant becomes a resident—and neither does the role of TransUnion CreditRetriever.

To effectively manage your resident profile, it's important to test, adjust and track your policies that dictate which applicants you accept and which you decline. CreditRetriever gives you access to data from multiple sources to fine tune your screening policies so you can better balance risk and return.

CreditRetriever looks at key variables and provides recommendations that make account management easier:

  • Test potential adjustments to your decision points prior to rollout
  • Implement policy changes quickly and efficiently
  • Track your policy changes to easily make appropriate adjustments

The result? A more comprehensive, strategic approach to risk management that helps you reduce losses while increasing profitability.

Decision Point Analysis Report

See where to adjust your policies to increase occupancy. The decision point analysis report gives you a snapshot of your acceptance rates at the regional or portfolio level. This data shows you where you can alter decision points to help you increase occupancy while better managing risk and reducing bad debt. Dedicated Resources: Account Specialists

When you use CreditRetriever, our team is your team. From training and support to market analysis and best practices, dedicated account specialists will work with you to develop a customized screening and account management strategy. And it's not an add-on or additional charge. It's just a unique part of what you get as a CreditRetriever customer.

Exclusive advantages with TransUnion

With TransUnion, you get access to analytic financial tools that other companies simply can't offer. For example, Express Portfolio Review helps property managers take a closer look at their resident profile. That way, they can make more profitable acquisition decisions. It's just one of the extra advantages you get with a trusted source for consumer data.

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