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ID Analytics Collections Optics

Boost recoveries with identity scoring

Gain a different perspective to determine whether accountholders are truly unlikely to pay or may pay more slowly than others. Assess the likelihood of a charge-off in an early stage of delinquency and fine-tune collections efforts in late stages by predicting payoff percentage.

With Collections Optics, you can see how recently and how often a consumer has used their identity elements, such as name, phone number and address, to apply for credit and services.

This helps you look at accountholders from an additional angle and often reveals characteristics that help you collect sooner while others are still figuring out how to work the account.

Find the key differences between similar-looking consumers to apply the right treatment.

Collect more efficiently at the early and late collection stages

Early stages

  • Separate accounts likely to pay from those likely to roll or charge off
  • Fine-tune strategies to get a better return on investment and release uncollectable accounts sooner

Late stages

  • Determine the percentage of the balance that's likely collectable
  • Make better informed decisions about which accounts to pursue and which to charge off

Collections Optics scores can be used three ways to provide the biggest lift in recovery rates.

  • As a stand-alone score
    • Does not access the TransUnion consumer database, so it does not require FCRA permissible purpose and won't result in an inquiry on consumers' credit files
    • Can be used to assess Pintos debt
  • As an add-on to TransUnion credit reports or TransUnion Collections Prioritization Engine
  • In conjunction with other scores from TransUnion or your internal collection score to provide additional lift

Reclassify up to 30 percent of accounts with added perspective from Collections Optics.

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