Recovery Scores

Find the most recoverable accounts—by the numbers

The TransUnion Recovery Score works post-charge off debt by combining consumer data with advanced analytics and decisioning technology. This recovery model produces a numeric value indicating the likelihood of collecting from each account. As a result, you can evaluate score ranges and segment accounts to focus your debt recovery resources on those that will yield the highest recoveries.

Work accounts more efficiently with the TransUnion Recovery Score

While traditional risk models focus on delinquency, your TransUnion Recovery Score digs deeper. It evaluates each account based on the likelihood of recovering $50 or more within 12 months of placement. As a result, you not only see which accountholders can't or won't pay, you also see who will yield the highest recoveries so you can collect more while spending less.

Focus your collections resources where they count

  • Find the most collectable accounts
  • Apply the appropriate treatment strategies
  • Streamline workflow
  • Increase recovery rates

Recover more from charged-off, no-hit accounts

No-hit accounts are unavoidable. When they do happen, the Supplemental Recovery Score shows you no-hit payment trends by ZIP code.

ZIP code Paid $50+
60606 51%
60625 27%
60614 4%

Evaluate debt before you charge it off

ID Analytics Collections Optics gives you a unique perspective. It examines certain identity characteristics and shows you which accounts may be more or less collectable than they appear.

Evaluate your scores' performance

With a Score Analysis Report from TransUnion, you can measure the effectiveness of your collections scores and determine where you may need to make adjustments to your strategies. It's a free service with any collections model you’re using and helps you stay flexible enough to maintain recovery rates through ever-changing market conditions.

Start segmenting and prioritizing accounts today.

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