Portfolio Valuation

Pinpoint the true value of debt portfolios with our portfolio evaluation tool

Choose appropriate competitive bids when buying debt and establish accurate pricing when selling debt. TransUnion Portfolio Valuation identifies the expected liquidation of a portfolio. By using this process, you can estimate the total amount recoverable to establish accurate pricing for a portfolio you are selling or acquiring.

Powered by TransUnion Recovery Models

  • Evaluates likelihood of recovery within a portfolio

Driven by TransUnion Collection Prioritization Engine

  • Conducts thorough analysis of debt portfolio characteristics
  • Provides key value assessments in a series of thorough reports
  • Offers aggregate summary of portfolios prior to purchase

Driven by advanced, proven development methods and state-of-the-art predictive technologies

  • No inquiry is posted to the consumer’s credit file
  • More than 180 standard credit characteristics available
  • Get results within 24 hours

Portfolio Valuation leverages data and advanced decisioning tools to show you debt valuation—how much you are likely to collect from a portfolio.

Factor in the amount of dollars that you should anticipate collecting and receive a Liquidity Report with liquidation rates by score band Consumer Characteristics Segmentation helps you separate accounts by unique indicators such as bankruptcies, liens, potential fraud and more—with no inquiry posted to consumers' files.

Review Aggregated Reporting for a summarized snapshot of the entire debt portfolio for a comprehensive perspective of its profile.

Compare prior runs to current runs with the Portfolio Valuation Compare Tool.

Process portfolios after purchasing them to recover more for less with Collections Prioritization Engine.

Get these tools and more to help you determine how valuable debt portfolios are to your operation.

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