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Auto Lenders

Make profitable financing offers to the right customers

Recent market analysis shows the potential for growth in the auto industry in 2013 and beyond. Do you have the insight you need to take advantage of this change with more competitive and profitable offers? Can you expand your portfolio with financing offers to new and current customers — before other lenders do — while managing risk?

Industry projections show opportunity for portfolio growth

Industry experts are forecasting 12.9 million cars sold in 2013.*

The U.S. sold 10.4 million cars in 2009. Industry experts are forecasting 11.5 million cars sold in 2010 and 12.9 million cars in 2013
* J.D. Power and Associates Power Information Network® (PIN) and LMC Automotive
Regional distribution of auto loans in the United States
Over 75 million Americans have at least one auto loan
Auto Summary and APR Estimator
Gain a deeper understanding of your customer’s current financing and history with TransUnion Auto Summary.
New Auto Loan Prescreen Packages
Find the prospects most likely to purchase a vehicle within 60 days using TransUnion New Auto Loan Prescreen Packages.
Auto Refinance Prescreen Packages
Get insight into the loan terms your customers have with other institutions using TransUnion Auto Refinance Prescreen Packages.
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