Express Portfolio Review

Recognize portfolio changes sooner and take action

Improve your risk management strategies and get help making more proactive, informed decisions. This easy-to-use, online solution provides more efficient, timely access to consumer credit changes in your portfolio — and with other institutions — while delivering results in less than 48 hours.

Express Portfolio Review allows you to review your portfolio quarterly, monthly or on any other basis, and leverage the credit scores and attributes that fit your business needs. Use this solution to quickly adjust your strategies to mitigate losses with negative trending customers and improve retention of your best customers.

  • Predict a consumer's capacity to pay to improve:
    • Credit line management decisions
    • Loan modification strategies
  • Preempt delinquency on accounts that may underperform
  • Leverage data in stress testing to help meet compliance requirements

Improve collections with fewer resources

Prioritize collections and align resources with the right accounts.

  • Identify the customers in your portfolio that are most likely to pay
  • Implement cost-effective treatment strategies based on segmented accounts



Express Portfolio Review specs

  • 19 credit scores including TransUnion Account Management, VantageScore® 2.0 and FICO® Risk Score, Classic 08
  • More than 200 credit attributes, including 27 collections options
  • Pre-packaged attributes by line of business
  • File sizes with up to 300,000 records
  • Real-time file validation
  • Results delivered in less than 48 hours (85% of Express Portfolio Reviews under 60k records are returned in less than an hour)

New scores now available

  • VantageScore® 2.0 offers improved predictive performance and greater score stability over time
  • FICO® 8 Mortgage Score helps to better predict mortgage performance and improve credit decisions for both current and prospective homeowners

Get an in-depth understanding of your portfolio risk with Express Portfolio Review.

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