CreditVision® Income Estimator and Debt-to-Income Estimator

Gain a more complete view of a consumer’s ability to pay

Understand a consumer’s income and debt levels to better manage the risk in your portfolio while targeting offers with CreditVision Income Estimator and Debt-to-Income Estimator.

  • Estimate income when not supplied by the consumer, as well as validate consumer-supplied data and previously captured income
  • Reassess existing customer income and ability to pay in an account management environment
  • Segment the optimal populations for which consumer income or proof of income should be requested

Increase response while managing risk throughout the customer lifecycle

Leverage consumer credit data and predictive analytics to understand a consumer’s ability to pay and manage risk more effectively at every step of your business.

Account Acquisition

  • Refine prospect segmentation
  • Target offers more effectively
  • Cross-sell existing accounts
  • Process applications more efficiently

Account Management

  • Identify changes and trends within the portfolio
  • Adjust risk policies accordingly
  • Improve risk, loss and delinquency forecasts


  • Identify which accounts are most likely to pay
  • Streamline collection treatment strategies
  • Assess debt portfolio market value with greater accuracy

Understand consumers’ ability to pay with CreditVision Income Estimator and Debt-to-Income Estimator.

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