Decisioning Solutions

Make sound, automated decisions throughout your customer lifecycle

The ability to make fast, consistent decisions is vital for your business. TransUnion Decisioning Solutions provide multiple data sources and advanced analytics—integrated into our decision platform—for a single, real-time customer profile. As a result, you can improve the profitability of existing customers, cut down on churn and limit risk exposure.

Make more profitable decisions on current customers

Reduce risk and increase profitability by monitoring changes in existing customers’ accounts. Take quick action in response to any changes, helping you capitalize on potential cross-sell opportunities, reduce attrition and limit risk exposure. With automated decisioning, you’ll receive the insight you need to get the most out of your current customers.

Access powerful data from multiple sources—in one fast transaction

Gain a more complete picture of your customers by accessing multiple data sources. The TransUnion Decision Platform accesses and extracts data from internal and external sources and integrates it into a single, real-time view of a customer. For added convenience, applicant information can be processed either in real-time or in batch mode. You can customize the data sources, the output view and other components, so you can make better decisions while working in a user-friendly format.

Make better decisions at every step of your customer lifecycle.

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