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When it comes to assessing risk non-agency RMBS, borrower credit matters

Before the economic downturn, traditional loan-level data sources seemed sufficient for evaluating risk in securitized home loans. From now on, you must find ways to look beyond the loan terms, LTV and credit score at origination to see more of the total risk and relative value that exists. This is where TransUnion Consumer Risk Indicators for non-agency RMBS can help.

Find the underlying borrower risk and make it part of your overall loan-level assessment

One of the keys to identifying hidden risk and relative value in RMBS is greater loan-level transparency. By accessing the credit characteristics of the borrowers in your securities, you gain a level of detail that can reveal risk you couldn't see before and significantly change the results of your evaluation.

  • Get updated FICO®, VantageScore® and (estimated) income
  • Obtain information about the borrower's other debt
  • See information about the borrower's other mortgages
  • Gain insight into the borrower's credit inquiries for new mortgage debt

A simple value proposition-underlying borrower credit can make two

Linking borrower credit data to loan-level securities data has been a challenge-until now

TransUnion and CoreLogic® have successfully matched Consumer Risk Indicators to the LoanPerformance Securities Database with very high quality and now it's mapped to Intex Identifiers. Everything is anonymous to protect the borrower's privacy, and it is all tied to the exact same LoanPerformance Loan ID or Intex Loan ID you use today.

Transunion Consumer Risk Indicators for non-agency RMBS

  • Leverages sophisticated matching algorithms
  • 10 years of history with twice monthly updates
  • Now mapped to Intex Identifiers
  • Delivery available directly from TransUnion, 1010data or CoreLogic


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