Express Portfolio Compare

Monitor portfolio performance and execute on key changes

Do you understand the impact of the evolving risk environment on your portfolio? Without a view of ongoing consumer credit changes, it can be challenging to isolate high-risk members or identify positive-performing members. TransUnion Express Portfolio Compare monitors your members on a monthly or quarterly basis with criteria of your choosing, and returns those members with the identified change criteria you need to improve risk management decisions.

More frequent views into portfolio shifts can help you preempt the impact to your institution

Identifying both negative and positive changes to member accounts—including those off your books—can help you understand the impact and improve your treatment strategies.

The automated Express Portfolio Compare process helps you actively monitor member changes—without straining your resources

  • A baseline view of your portfolio is established (e.g., Month1)
  • Credit data is appended to the file
  • Compares are automatically executed the same day every month/quarter
  • New file is compared to the previous file
  • Records identified with your selected dynamic criteria are flagged for output

Choose the monitoring criteria specific to your business needs

Once setup is complete, the process is automated and results are returned on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Dynamic criteria

You have the option to select from 20 criteria, and the thresholds for each, to identify actionable consumer change results. Among these criteria options are:

  • Score migration: VantageScore 1.0
  • Positive triggers: New retail trade
  • Negative triggers: New charge-off

Static criteria

Select from an additional 19 criteria and apply to the flagged members to further refine delivered results. Among these criteria options are:

  • Number of Major Derogatories and Delinquencies
  • Number of Inquiries and Trades
  • Utilization, Balances and Limits

Additionally, you can append scores and attributes to results for added portfolio insight. A few of the scores available are VantageScore® 1.0 and TransUnion Bankruptcy, and among the attribute sets available are credit card, mortgage and collections.

Identify key portfolio changes and take action to improve risk management

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