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ID Analytics® Credit Optics™ and ID Analytics® Credit Optics™ Plus

Enhance traditional credit risk scores to augment marketing efforts

ID Analytics Credit Optics scores are risk assessment tools that predict the creditworthiness of an individual, based on stability of credit and identity risk over time. While traditional risk scores determine credit risk by predicting a consumer’s willingness and ability to repay debt, Credit Optics provides additional insight from a consumer’s application behavior and use of their identity information.

Get valuable identity data intelligence

Credit Optics and Credit Optics Plus leverage consumer identity information within the ID Analytics ID Network®, the nation’s first real-time, cross-industry database of identity and fraud information.

The ID Network delivers information derived from credit applications, card transactions, payments, reported frauds, changes of name/address and demographics.

  • 700 billion aggregated data elements
  • 1.1 billion unique identity elements
  • Average daily flow of 45 million new elements
  • 2.6 million reported frauds
  • 1.4 billion consumer transactions

credit optics and credit optics plus

Optimize marketing efforts with data beyond traditional credit risk scores.

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