Execute more efficient and effective marketing efforts

Develop targeted marketing campaign lists to build a better member profile. Create and manage lists of prospects or members that satisfy your desired risk and marketing specifications – and ultimately help meet your acquisition goals.

  • Increase response and activation rates to improve the chances of campaign success
  • Lower costs by marketing only to those consumers who resemble your current members
  • Reduce the potential for bad debt losses
  • Determine the most appropriate risk parameters using past performance metrics

Instant Prescreen is an online marketing solution used to determine cross-selling opportunities by automatically qualifying new or existing members for pre-selected products or services. Optimize quick sales opportunities at the point-of-sale and build member loyalty by exceeding their expectations with meaningful offers.

Customize Instant Prescreen to fit the unique needs of your credit union

This advanced solution consists of a combination of matrices offering an extensive list of attributes and decisioning rule configurations. The matrices separate the attributes into a variety of categories, allowing you to automate the decisioning process for a variety of products or services and return customized decisions within the output messages.

Instant Prescreen also offers a variety of management reports for you to review on a regular basis, and you’ll be assigned a dedicated project analyst with direct line access.

Improve your marketing efforts with Prescreens.

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