Small Business Identification

Target this profitable segment to grow your credit union

The small business market offers great potential for growth for credit unions of any size. But lengthy, manual efforts to aggregate multiple sources of small business data hinder growth. TransUnion has developed the Small Business Identification Solution to proactively target this segment.

Get better results on more small business

The Small Business Identification Solution delivers higher-quality small business matches within your portfolio – and during acquisition – with multiple data attributes.

  • SIC code
  • Home business
  • Affiliates
  • Number of employees
  • Years in business
  • Legal entity
  • Annual revenue
  • Industry description

Optimize marketing campaigns

The Small Business Identification Solution returns significant characteristics to help you improve targeted marketing programs.

  • Small business loan office efforts
  • Targeted direct mail campaigns
  • Marketing materials in accountholder prescreen offers
  • Call center leads
  • Branch sales efforts

Prioritize leads and target the right members

Get deeper insight into the quality of a potential lead so you can better align resources during the small business acquisition process. To help you prioritize leads during acquisition, the Small Business Identification Solution delivers “match categories” for a more tailored marketing campaign.

Identify small businesses and grow your member base.

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