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Insurance Verification

Deliver efficient insurance verification with this easy-to-integrate solution

Partner with TransUnion Healthcare to offer complete and reliable health insurance eligibility transactions to your customers. Ensure eligibility verification becomes an automatic, daily process across your clients’ entire patient lifecycle with our technology and years of industry expertise.

Efficient online eligibility solution

Deliver a complete private label eligibility service offered through your organization. Eligibility can be verified in advance of the patient visit or on-demand as necessary, allowing staff to have immediate access to information when they need it the most.
  • Easy customer log-on
  • Efficient eligibility requests submissions
  • Returns real-time response data

Integrated, real-time eligibility

Let your customers send eligibility requests and receive responses in real-time through your patient management system. Through this solution, you can offer all the options and tools your clients need to immediately collect co-pays, co-insurances and deductibles at the point-of-service.
  • Eligibility request submissions can be integrated into the registration process
  • Response and access to eligibility data is available immediately through the registration system
  • Real-time response can be populated within a private label integrated portal

Cost-effective batch processing

Our batch processing service allows your customers to submit large batches of patient inquiries against our comprehensive payer list, returning the payer responses to upload into your patient management system.

Extensive, customized reporting

Provide your customers with the transactional reports they need to manage their department. Deliver extensive online and custom report options to address your customers' specific needs in the format of their choosing. Allow your customers to analyze the data they receive, adjust their registration processes accordingly and immediately act to create a more efficient and effective internal verification process.
Help your clients make more objective decisions right at the point-of-service.
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