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    Collection Prioritization

    Identify the patient accounts that are most likely to pay

    TransUnion Healthcare Collection Prioritization solution ranks aged self-pay accounts by ability and likelihood of payment.

    On average, our collections solution identifies the top 30% of accounts that will generate 80% of cash collections.

    Benefits of Collection Prioritization:

    • Increase cash collections
    • Improve workflow and allocate billing staff resources more efficiently
    • Decrease bad debt and cost-to-collect
    • Reduce days in accounts receivable

    Improve your health care collections processes with minimal changes to your existing systems.

    • Step 1:
      • A batch extract report of all open self-pay accounts is created in your patient accounting system.
    • Step 2:
      • File is sent through secure FTP to TransUnion Healthcare for analysis.
    • Step 3:
      • TransUnion Healthcare provides a Recovery Score on each account and healthcare-specific characteristics, such as Federal Poverty Level (FPL) percentage, that empirically indicate the likelihood of collecting on each account.
    • Step 4:
      • Prioritized results are generally delivered within 24 hours of submission.
    Easily integrate TransUnion Healthcare Collection Prioritization into your existing back-end processes.
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