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    Performance Analytics

    Improve health plan performance with easy-to-implement data solutions

    Partner with TransUnion Healthcare to leverage our medical data management reporting system for quick and accurate performance measurements right from your desktop.

    We use medical transaction data, analytics and risk scoring to meet your reporting needs, control costs and improve the overall health of your members. Our ASP reporting system offers an integrated suite of customizable analytical tools and reports. With more than 70 client organizations covering over 10 million members, this easy-to-use system offers the functionality of a group of analysts for less than the cost of just one.

    • Capture quality measures and control costs more effectively
    • Evaluate the performance of your provider network
    • Meet the demands of your customers’ requests for information
    • Enhance operational and financial performance

    Access report views, graphics and drill-downs specific to your organization

    This web-based reporting system is customizable to fit the unique needs of your organization, including complementary applications that address the most critical aspects of performance management.
    Comparative Benchmarking: Set medical management priorities and identify areas of improvement by comparing your cost and utilization patterns across all diseases, specialties and modalities against national and regional averages
    Physician Profiling: Share custom physician profiling dashboards with providers to help improve quality performance and track progress toward incentives
    Disease Management: Manage the health of your members with a disease registry application that continuously:
    • Updates disease associations
    • Performs risk stratification
    • Tracks care manager activities
    • Produces clinical exception lists
    Employer reporting: Meet employer requests for information with graphical dashboards and drill-down reports that export key metrics to your key customers in a succinct and comprehensive format. You control the information they see and who has access to the data
    Get Performance Analytics right on your desktop.
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