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Encounter/Claims Management

Submit encounter and claims data with one single, integrated healthcare claims management solution

MedConnect, TransUnion Healthcare’s Encounter and Claims Management solution saves time and money by enabling you to submit claim and encounter data in a single, integrated platform. MedConnect is a web-based solution that converts non-standardized electronic encounters and claims from providers into HIPAA-compliant formats for professional and institutional forms; offers online error correction capabilities; and accounts for commercial, Medicare Advantage and Medi-Cal lines of business, as well as special HEDIS and RAPS exports.

Benefits of Encounter/Claims Management:

  • Eliminate paper submission and re-keying or scanning claims and encounter data
  • Reduce errors associated with errant or incomplete data
  • Reduce the costs of capturing accurate data from multiple sources
  • Manage workflow with online auditing and tracking features
  • Gain greater transparency with customizable reporting functionality
Easily integrate Encounter/Claims Management into your existing post-service healthcare claims management processes.
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