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Referral Tracking

Get a complete referral tracking system for all plans

Efficiently manage your referrals, authorizations and notifications for all payers with one online transaction resource. The TransUnion Healthcare MedConnect referral management system can help you build a more complete dataset and gives you access to online reporting for invaluable analysis.

Centralized patient tracking completes your referral system

MedConnect is a fully customizable solution that automatically transmits referrals, obtains the authorization required from the payer and notifies the specialist or facility of the patient’s pending arrival. Using MedConnect, you now have the ability to manage your patient flow across the patient care network.

MedConnect is a true all-payer solution that allows you to:

  • Define your own custom plans
  • Manage and measure patient flow throughout the network
  • Improve the patient experience
  • Increase workflow efficiency with automated notifications
Track all your plans efficiently with Referral Tracking.
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