TransUnion DriverRisk

The cost of MVRs is increasing, but 80% of drivers have clean driving records. DriverRisk leverages the Drivers History violation database for finding drivers with ratable violations. The court record data is less costly than a state MVR and contains unique insights into driver risk. That way, you can selectively order revenue surcharge opportunities.

  • Optimized expenditure: Carriers are using DriverRisk to optimize their MVR spending by ordering only for select drivers with ratable activity
  • Highly customizable for increased returns: Implement DriverRisk along with your current MVR ordering strategy to increase the return on your spending

DriverRisk offers benefits at new business and renewal.

New Business

Flag drivers with ratable violations meeting your specific criteria, allowing you to order an MVR or DriverRisk Detail Report only when necessary. This results in:

    Input list processing: Provide a prospect list to TransUnion that can be run through standard or custom criteria.

    Extract marketing lists: Allows carriers to create marketing lists from a database of over 200 million consumers, which contains hundreds of pre-calculated scores, marketing models and characteristics.


Screen up to 100% of your renewal book and order an MVR or DriverRisk Detail Report only when the policyholder has recent, ratable violations. This results in:

  • Optimized MVR expenditure while accurately identifying driving activity for renewal business
  • Increased surcharge opportunities resulting in higher revenue
  • Increased profitability

DriverRisk delivers a better value:

  • Optimizes overall MVR expenditure
  • Returns ratable violations as defined by the carrier
  • Improves the carrier/agent workflow and customer experience
  • Includes a minimum of three years of driving history for all states in production

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