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Acquisition Triggers

Identify profitable prospects to deliver the right offer at the right time

The challenging economic environment has changed the way consumers shop for coverage. As a result, your success can hinge on how efficiently you identify, and market to, prospects. TransUnion Acquisition Triggers helps you proactively target prime insurance prospects when they are, or may soon be, shopping for a policy.
  • Use daily consumer credit behavior changes to stay on top of your marketing campaigns
  • Target prospects using a number of different trigger options including insurance inquiries* and TransUnion Acquisition Triggers models
  • Grow your customer base in fairly stagnant market

Acquisition Triggers allow you to find those consumers who resemble your current policyholders to target for insurance prospecting

Direct Channel Scoring Models
These models predict the likelihood of a consumer responding to an offer via a direct channel, such as the Internet or a call center. These models, regardless of state, can provide as much as 2.5 or 3 times the lift over random selection when identifying key prospects.
Agency Channel Scoring Models
These models assess the probability of a consumer responding to an offer using an independent or captive agent office. In looking at consumers most likely to respond through an agency, these models can provide as much as twice the lift during acquisition, compared to random trigger criteria.
Both channels offer a score for states where regulations allow for insurance inquiries in the development of a score, as well as a score where they are not.

Additional trigger options include:

  • Auto Inquiry-based Triggers
  • Mortgage Inquiry-based Triggers
  • Credit/Model-based Triggers
  • New Mover-based Triggers
*Available for states where regulations allow for insurance inquiries.
Efficiently identify and market to key prospects with Acquisition Triggers.
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