Foreclosure and Vacancy Triggers

Learn when your insured assets are at risk

For insurance carriers, properties that are vacant—or about to become vacant—represent a much greater risk. Break-ins, vandalism and other property damage are more likely. And these days, homeowners are often tempted to use their policies as a source of funds.

TransUnion Foreclosure and Vacancy Triggers notifies you of potential vacancies and other key activity so you can take action before losses occur, rather than managing invalid claims after they’ve already been made.

Spot potential foreclosures and vacancies before they impact your book

Foreclosure and Vacancy Triggers is a property insurance monitoring service that enables you to monitor broad selection of characteristics and receive alerts when changes indicate increased risk.

Of these characteristics, TransUnion has identified up to 15 that are proven to be highly predictive of property vacancy or foreclosure. Choose from any of these characteristics and work with our solution architects to build the monitoring platform that best fits your needs.

Foreclosure and Vacancy Triggers monitors risk factors such as:

  • Mortgages with severe delinquency
  • Public record information
  • Address change information
  • Delinquency on related accounts

What it means for your business

  • Investigate situations where the home may be vacant and take the appropriate action.
  • Determine if you should cancel a policy before an invalid claim is filed.
  • Reduce costs associated with managing invalid claims.
  • Focus your resources where your risk is highest.

Learn when your book may be exposed to fraudulent claims.

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