Insurance Risk Scores

Scores that fit your needs are more accessible than you might think

Quantify risk to set more accurate rates with TransUnion Insurance Risk Scores. Integrate a custom or off-the-shelf score and help ensure your existing model is performing well and best predicts your risk.

TransUnion Insurance Risk Scores are based on predictive characteristics.

  • Length of credit history
  • Payment history
  • Number and types of credit accounts
  • Applications for new credit
  • Outstanding debt
  • Ratio of credit used to credit available
  • Number of derogatory events such as late payments, collections and bankruptcies

Custom Scores

Gain deep insight into policyholders without building a score from scratch. With Insurance Industry Characteristics, you can use pre-defined variables to design and build your own auto insurance scores faster and with less expense. Plus, the regulatory approval process can be streamlined because many state regulators have already reviewed these attributes.

  • Choose from pre-defined variables
  • Build your own score faster, with less expense
  • Streamline regulatory approval

Standard Scores

Even if your scores aren't fully customized, they still address your risk thresholds and book of policies. Best of all, the models are open and may be filed with regulators, which can help lead to faster approval of rate filings.

  • Avoid the time and expense of building a score
  • Leverage data proven to indicate insurance risk
  • Streamline regulatory approval

Also, combine your credit scoring model with consumers’ auto and/or property history for Credit Loss History Scores that increase your decisioning power and help manage risk more effectively.

See which score is right for you.

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