Policy Management Triggers

Know when policyholder activity tells you it's time to take action

Retaining customers is a lot more cost-effective than acquiring new ones. Cross-selling is even better. So it's important to know who your most profitable policyholders are—and even better to know when they might leave or when they might need additional policies. That’s why effective insurance policy management strategies are important.

TransUnion Policy Management Triggers alerts you to activity that indicates a need to take action to retain your customer or an opportunity to cross-sell policies.

Get alerts for consumer data changes you need to know about.

  • Be notified when a customer may be rate shopping
  • Spot opportunities to cross-sell auto and property policies
  • Get updated contact information daily

Make the appropriate adjustments quickly to increase profitability.

  • Extend more competitive offers to retain your best policyholders
  • Create new revenue by cross-selling when customers are in need of additional policies
  • Act on policies with increased risk as soon as possible

Policy Management Triggers is a cost-effective way to maintain profitable yet competitive rates and cross-sell to increase topline growth. Plus, it's easily customizable and provides more accurate contact data.

  • Customize Triggers to meet business needs
  • Append any number of characteristics and scores to the output file
  • Assure right party contact during this critical time
  • Get daily or weekly triggers from more than 1 million records

Receive alerts to retain and cross-sell your best policyholders.

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