Aggregated Credit Data

Find a new universe of prospects to grow your business and increase profitability

As more consumers turn to the internet to shop for insurance, there is increased competition to attract profitable policyholders. And, it's not easy to differentiate between which leads will perform better than others. With more robust data, you can more accurately target those prospects likely to respond to your offer.

Increase response and conversion rates with a powerful data source

TransUnion Aggregated Credit Data is an innovative solution that provides a summary level view of the credit profiles in a specific geography, down to the ZIP+4 level. With the deepest dataset in the industry, this solution has almost 1,000 credit characteristics and key scores summarized at a micro-geographic level. The characteristics are calculated and delivered to provide different views of consumer credit behavior, helping you expand your universe of potential marketing prospects.

Plus, this robust set of risk and marketing scores is the only data source that also includes an insurance-specific risk score and is updated quarterly to provide fresher data to enhance your traditional marketing efforts.

Gain additional insights into prospect and customer populations to better target acquisition campaigns at a micro-geographic level.

Aggregated Credit Data is not FCRA regulated. It cannot be used as a factor in establishing a consumer’s creditworthiness or eligibility for credit, insurance, employment, or to take adverse action.

Optimize your marketing strategies for increased profitability and customer value in both direct mail and point-of-sale channels.

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