Execute more efficient and effective marketing efforts

More intelligently target new business in a timeframe that best meets your schedule. Use both standard and customized risk, credit, and marketing criteria to foster policy expansion in an environment with little organic growth.

  • Maximize campaign success by increasing response and close rates
  • Boost revenues and profitability
  • Lower costs by marketing only to those consumers who resemble your current customer base
  • Base your prescreen criteria on past performance metrics for both driving responders and those who actually go forward to close

Advanced lists optimize marketing efforts

Prescreens allows insurance carriers to create highly precise targeting lists for pre-approved campaigns utilizing risk scores, credit-based marketing models, and credit attributes that will help maximize acquisition efforts.

To meet a carrier’s business needs, there are two available lists:

  • Input list processing: Provide a prospect list to TransUnion that can be run through standard or custom criteria.
  • Extract marketing lists: Allows carriers to create marketing lists from a database of over 200 million consumers, which contains hundreds of pre-calculated scores, marketing models, and characteristics.

Improve your marketing efforts with Prescreens.

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