Screening Add-Ons

Take advantage of innovative tools that work in conjunction with TransUnion CreditRetriever. Your CreditRetriever platform offers direct access to helpful add-ons that compliment the fast, easy-to-use solutions you're already getting.

Avoid making the same mistake twice.

When you have multiple properties, it can be difficult to share critical data and access it right when it's needed—even if an applicant's already been through your system.

TransUnion CreditRetriever provides two services that flag applicants that have been through your system before, so you already know something about them. This helps prevent you from letting high-risk residents slip through the cracks or wasting resources duplicating screening efforts.

CreditRetriever flags applicants that have already been through your system—at any property—and lets you know when you're screening someone that:

  • You've designated as having caused damage or losses
  • Is currently applying for a lease at another property you manage

Your Exclusion List helps keep you from leasing to residents you've already decided not to rent to again. The Duplicate Applicant Warning helps ensure you don't make the right decision at one property and the wrong one at another. Combined, they help you share key information among your various properties, so you can improve your resident profile and manage risk.

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Keep an eye on rent-related debts.

One of the key data elements on your applicants' credit file is delinquent accounts turned over to a collections agency. To the average user, this type of data can be tough to decipher, but TransUnion CreditRetriever flags collections agencies that are known to work with the rental industry. That way, you can automatically decline depending on your policy, or you can stipulate that the applicant must resolve certain debts before he or she is accepted.

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