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TransUnion Partnership Program

We empower industry-leading, consumer-serving companies to deliver valuable financial information in ways their customers want to receive it.
Learn more now at our Partnership Program website
At the site, learn how you can:
Show customers the big-picture credit information they need with a seamlessly-integrated, white-label credit center.
Offer customers credit and non-credit solutions specifically tailored to your company and industries like:
  • Banking/Financial Services
  • Credit Information Service Providers
  • Credit Unions
  • Software Protection Companies
  • Insurance
  • Loyalty/Marketing Companies
  • Payment Technologies
  • Auto
Attract and retain more customers with a high-quality, low-commitment, credit solution.
Deploy a rapid, robust response to a data breach or fraud event.

About TransUnion’s Partnership Program

Our award-winning products deliver value to partners and their customers through excellent user experience, the right mix of features, and uncompromising security. With services processing more than 10 million transactions a day, we help educate, alert, and inform more than 20 million consumers each month.
See how we help you stay ahead in a rapidly changing, complex consumer services marketplace:
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