Fraud and Identity Management

Protect your business and customers with TransUnion fraud and identity management solutions. Verify identity data and ensure that the right customers are accessing their accounts in order to reduce risk exposure and potential losses. And in the event of a security breach, be able to react quickly and effectively to minimize the impact.

TransUnion TLOxp

Get a 360° view of people and businesses with one streamlined investigative risk-management tool

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Risk Verification Platform

Identify potential rate evasion before it impacts your book.

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Easy Apply

Verify identities with just four digits of the SSN.

For Auto Carriers

For Property Carriers

Identity Manager Verification

Validate consumer provided-data against TransUnion and third-party sources.

For Banks

For Credit Unions

Identity Manager Authentication

Gain deeper identity proofing through knowledge-based challenge questions.

For Banks

For Credit Unions

Identity Decisioning

Assess and manage varying degrees of identity and situational risk.

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For Credit Unions

Consumer Solutions

TransUnion has grown to become one of the world's leading business intelligence providers, maintaining one of the largest collections of consumer information.

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