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Portfolio Management

Continuously monitor the risk you have within your portfolio so you can improve decisions, take action and increase profitability. Mitigate losses, manage regulatory requirements and improve retention efforts with TransUnion portfolio management solutions.
Risk Verification Platform
Identify potential rate evasion before it impacts your book.
Insurance Risk Scores
Quantify risk to set more accurate rates.
Foreclosure & Vacancy Triggers
Identify potentially abandoned properties and take appropriate action.
Portfolio Valuation
Price portfolios more accurately to make better debt buying and selling decisions.
Collections Prioritization Engine
Efficiently find the accounts from which you’re most likely to collect.
Triggers for Collections
Receive alerts when changes indicate new ability to pay.
Express Portfolio Review
Obtain results in less than 48 hours to identify risk and take action sooner.
Risk Scores and Models
Better manage existing accounts and make more profitable decisions.
Income Estimator and Debt-to-Income Estimator
Understand a consumer's income and debt levels to better assess risk.
Alternative Data
Supplement traditional credit scores to further segment accounts and reduce exposure.
Account Management Triggers
Address risk earlier than solely cycle-based portfolio management solutions.
Trend Data
Gain a more accurate picture of industry trends and credit behavior over time.
Segmentation Analysis
Identify the patient accounts that will provide the greatest returns.
Get greater score stability and improve predictive performance.
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