With competitive market conditions, your company must consider new strategies to grow business and acquire profitable accounts. But without the right tools in place to effectively manage the potential risks, any expansion effort could lead to a serious negative impact on your bottom line. Work with TransUnion to grow your portfolio while managing risk.

Acquisition Triggers

Improve response rates without increasing the risk profile of acquired customers.

  • More than 20 individual predictive triggers
  • Four model-based predictive triggers

Alternative Data

Supplement traditional credit scores with alternative data sources to improve acquisition strategies and mitigate losses.

  • ID Analytics Credit Optics and Credit Optics Plus
  • CreditVision Link
  • Adjustable-Rate Mortgage Data

Credit Report

Make confident and consistent credit decisions. Our credit report includes a consumer’s name, address and, when available, Social Security number, credit history, employment and public record data, and both inquiries- and collections-related information.

Credit Summary

Analyze the different categories of information within the credit file, such as the number of mortgage tradelines or the number of past due accounts. Our credit summary presents a concise snapshot of a consumer’s financial profile by summarizing information from public records, tradelines (both status and type), collections and inquiries.

Decisioning Solutions

Make fast, consistent decisions by creating a single, real-time customer profile to approve more prospects and grow your bottom line.

Income Estimator and Debt-to-Income Estimator

Understand a consumer’s ability to pay to better manage the risk within your portfolio.


Develop targeted acquisition campaign lists that reflect your ideal customers, and manage lists of prospects that satisfy your desired risk and marketing specifications.

Risk Scores and Models

Make consistent risk decisions by leveraging various models and scores, including bankruptcy and delinquency models, to reduce exposure in marketing efforts.

Small Business Identification

Proactively identify and target the small business population to take advantage of this high-growth segment.

Universe Expansion

Apply existing strategies to population segments that you do not currently target, while better predicting performance, to grow your business.

Vantage Score

Developed by the three credit reporting companies, TransUnion, Equifax and Experian, VantageScore uses credit data and characteristic leveling to identify consumers likely to become 90 or more days delinquent within a 24-month period. Make more consistent credit decisions by applying the same attributes to different sets of data and simplify decisioning with a single policy that can be used across credit reporting companies.