Universe Expansion

Control risk while increasing your acquisition universe

Universe Expansion combines advanced analytics and access to current credit data in a single, configurable service. As a result, you can gain more value from a larger acquisition universe, increase profitability and reduce the uncertainty of expanding into new markets and segments.

Expand your business while managing risk

Grow your business into new markets by applying your existing strategies to population segments that you do not currently target—including new geographic areas—and leverage performance information from other businesses to predict how those segments would likely perform for you.

Boost your return from your prospect universe

Strict cut off strategies help avoid loss and fraud, but can also make you miss profitable customers within your reject population. By reaching profitable prospects that your cut off criteria unnecessarily rejected, Universe Expansion enables you to increase profitability and get more value from your acquisition universe.

Get the right results in a more convenient way

Customize the configuration of Universe Expansion to increase the success of any marketing campaign. Results are delivered as a series of advanced analytics reports to help you make smarter, more proactive business decisions.

Increase acquisitions while managing risk with Universe Expansion.

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