VantageScore is the only model to be developed jointly by all three national credit reporting companies – combined with the insight and support of TransUnion. With TransUnion and VantageScore, you get results and support straight from the companies that hold the actual data. Get the most from VantageScore by applying our deep understanding of your industry and leveraging dedicated resources to help you address the unique needs of your business.

VantageScore 2.0 is now available

VantageScore 2.0 leverages the core VantageScore platform to deliver improved predictive performance, so that businesses can look beyond the economic volatility of recent years and reenter the market with confidence.

Greater score stability over time

VantageScore 2.0 was created using data blended from two different timeframes, and pulled from the most recent lending environment, 2006-2008 and 2007-2009. Using a development sample from this extended window captures both a broad and recent set of consumer behaviors, including activity prior to the economic crisis. This reduces algorithm sensitivity to highly volatile behavior that can be found in a single timeframe and extends performance stability.

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VantageScore data design

VantageScore combines innovative data design with revolutionary, patent-pending characteristic leveling methods and segmentation techniques to produce a unique, highly predictive credit risk score.

Easy-to-understand scoring

The score is unprecedented in that it looks at and analyzes data at the same point in time on the same consumer records from all three national credit reporting companies. VantageScore was developed using a national sample of anonymous credit information of approximately 15 million consumers and uses a score range of 990-501 and score groupings that approximate the familiar academic scale:

  • A: 901-990
  • B: 801-900
  • C: 701-800
  • D: 601-700
  • F: 501-600

Take advantage of uniformity

VantageScore is the only commercially available credit risk model built using a synchronized development data sample provided by all three credit reporting companies. Plus, all three credit reporting companies deliver the same algorithm through existing channels. As a result, you can simplify the maintenance and management of single and multiple tier score cut-off strategies.

Limit score variations to increase consistency

Make fairer decisions based on more stable scores across each credit reporting company. VantageScore uses leveled credit characteristics across all three national credit reporting companies to limit score variability significantly. This means any score variations are limited to differences in the data maintained by the three companies. In addition, VantageScore applies the same standard method for scoring multiple inquiries to avoid unnecessary impact to a customer's score.

Educational Materials

  • Characteristic Leveling Process
  • Segmentation for Credit-Based Delinquency Models
  • Tri-Credit Reporting Company (CRC) Modeling Data Design


  • Automatic selection of most appropriate scorecard—from a total of 12— based on key elements in the credit file
  • 24-month performance period
  • Use FACT Act compliant Adverse Action logic to return up to four reason codes with each score except in the case of a maximum score
  • Multiple inquiry de-duplication, including 14-day de-duping—all auto, mortgage and non-telco utility inquiries that occur in any 14-day period are treated as a single inquiry
  • The same model across all three CRCs
  • National validation summaries available upon request
  • Monthly score distribution reports available upon request

Exclusion Criteria

Relaxed score exclusion criteria allows VantageScore to score more consumers

  • Deceased consumer
  • No accounts present on the credit file at the time of scoring
  • No accounts reported and no consumer-initiated inquiries in the past 24 months

Delivery Options

  • Online with TransUnion Credit Report, Model Report, ID Report with Score, Instant Prescreen, InstantCredit Risk Screen, or Instant Deposit Screen
  • Batch in conjunction with Custom Prescreen and Monthly/Quarterly Portfolio Reviews
  • Integrated in Retrospective Analysis, Account Acquisition and Account Management Triggers

Get greater stability and predictive performance from VantageScore.

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