First-Party Collections

Determine which accounts you're most likely to collect from and apply strategies that will help you collect more efficiently. And reach more accountholders earlier in the collections cycle to recover more dollars.

Collection Credit Report

Maximize resources and increase both efficiency and recovery dollars during your collection efforts.

Collection Prioritization Engine

Recover debt more efficiently.

Inquiry Analysis

Give your customers access to indicative information from inquiries performed by other TransUnion customers within the last 90 days. Inquiry Analysis includes the subscriber’s name, customer code and inquiry date, along with the input used to perform past inquiries. It also assists in resolving outstanding accounts and provides confirmation that an existing address is still valid.

Contact Locator

Reach consumers earlier in the collections cycle.

Phone Append

Assist in enhancing operational efficiency and resource allocation for your customers. TransUnion Phone Append is an add-on service that attaches a 10-digit telephone number or private number indicator to numerous TransUnion services. Customers get access to an updated telephone number in conjunction with a credit transaction.

Recovery Scores

Access an advanced analytical model to prioritize accounts.

SSN Report

Help verify consumer data by accessing credit database information. Using only the Social Security number (SSN) as input, the TransUnion SSN Report will return up to six consumers that match the provided SSN and provide new addresses and details that may enhance your verification efforts.

Solutions Process Integration

Watch your workflow improve step by step.

Triggers For Collections

Receive alerts when changes indicate new ability to pay.