Solutions Process Integration

Watch your workflow become more efficient

Your collections processes have a lot of moving parts so it's tough to find where you can make adjustments to be more efficient. And that's if you can find the time to do it.

Find inefficiencies with free solutions process integration mapping

Your solutions process integration map is a snapshot of how TransUnion can help improve workflow efficiency. It provides an inventory of your current processes, as well as recommendations and outlined future states.

Current state flow starts at delinquency and spans across your entire collections lifecycle.

  • Initial data scrubs
  • Treatment strategy assignments
  • Skip-tracing workflows
  • Contact methods
  • Outsourcing procedures

Future state flow combines industry best practices and TransUnion solutions.

  • Leverages industry experts with real-world first-party collections experience
  • Determines best use of TransUnion solutions based on customer priorities
  • Identifies ways to monitor the effectiveness of suggested solutions

Process Integration

Step 1: Discovery

A detailed, one-hour session helps you become familiar with each facet of your collections processes.

Step 2: Current and future states

See how your workflow looks now and how it will look after enhancement.

Step 3: Dialogue

A one-hour session to confirm current state and discuss proposed adjustments

Step 4: Delivery

Final proposed workflows presented within two weeks.

Your solutions process integration identifies potential enhancements to produce a more efficient workflow. Once implemented, TransUnion also assists with monitoring the effectiveness of your solution—at no cost to you.

Solutions Process Integration

From discovery to implementation to testing, TransUnion has you covered. Improve your collections processes starting today.

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