Fraud and Identity Management

Manage identities throughout the customer lifecycle.

TransUnion Fraud and Identity Management solutions give you the flexibility to address varying degrees of risk across business lines and transaction channels.

  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Quickly approve good customers
  • Better meet regulatory compliance requirements, such as Red Flags and USA Patriot Act
  • Improve consumer privacy and user experience

Greater value from a single solution

TransUnion identity management solutions combine advanced decisioning capabilities with a risk-based approach to offer significant value to your business. Now you can address risk at the individual level and develop an identity management system that adapts to your business needs.

Use a scalable, intelligent platform that can fit the unique needs of your business

Fraud Response Services

Take a proactive approach to security and respond quickly to data breaches if they happen.

High Risk Fraud Alert

Help reduce fraud, protect consumers and lower risk on both potential and existing accounts. High Risk Fraud Alert generates warning messages that alert you of high-risk addresses, Social Security numbers or telephone numbers.

Year of Issuance

Become aware of high-risk Social Security numbers when input Social Security numbers are compared against data received from the Social Security Administration with our Year of Issuance solution.

Identity Manager Authentication

Initiate a knowledge-based question-and-answer session to help further confirm a consumer’s identity.

Identity Decisioning

Leverage this risk-based decisioning platform designed to assess consumer and situational risk in order to execute the best tools and strategies for identity management.

Identity Manager Verification

Verify and validate consumer-provided information against multiple third-party data sources to identify any discrepancies and potential fraud.

ID Report

Identify the best-matched consumers to help you focus your location efforts. ID Report can be used to locate accountholders and provides verification of names, addresses, birth dates and Social Security numbers. You may receive up to eight consumer files with corresponding indicative information on each.


Help expedite investigative processes. Our OFAC name screen will return messages indicating whether an application name potentially matches the OFAC list, a database of individuals or entities prohibited by the U.S. Treasury from doing business in or with the United States.