Custom Portfolio Review

Tailor your portfolio reviews to better fit your risk management strategies

Access an unlimited number of standard and custom attributes, flexible file sizes and customized result outputs, all with the guidance of dedicated TransUnion consultants.

Focus your risk management efforts with customizable attributes

Efficiently assign and utilize internal resources by focusing your efforts on only the accounts that meet your unique review criteria. With a virtually unlimited and flexible set of standard and custom characteristics, risk models and criteria, you can effectively manage portfolios and accountholder relationships by building strategies that best meet your business needs. You can also append additional items to records within the back-end process, such as risk scores (including 3rd party scores), characteristics, alternative data and adjustable-rate mortgage data.

Develop targeted retention strategies

Enhance your ability to identify customer retention opportunities, increase customer loyalty and maximize profit potential. Get fast access to updates and flexible, customizable program criteria for the pre-emptive edge you need to take early action and keep your best customers.

TransUnion consulting services

Custom Portfolio Review is supported by a dedicated TransUnion sales and production team providing consistent, superior service and support. We will work with you during the program set-up, requirement fulfillment, testing, walk-throughs and audits.

Custom Portfolio Review specs

  • Virtually unlimited and flexible sets of standard and custom characteristics, risk models and criteria
  • Credit data updated daily from the most up-to-date databases
  • Reviews can be executed as often as needed
  • Dedicated TransUnion support staff
  • Superior matching logic delivers highly-accurate records

Tailor your portfolio reviews to fit your business with Custom Portfolio Review.

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